Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Uh oh.. it happened..

What happened? Fat talk happened..

Last night, I had a complete and utter breakdown. I haven't been treating my body good lately(eating good/working out) and it all just hit me. I was in the shower, looked down and was appalled by what I was seeing. Everyone said I'd gain weight in college but I said no no, I won't let it happen. No freshman 15 for me. I don't believe I've gained 15 pounds, maybe not even 10 but I've gained something. I can tell by the way my clothes fit, and by the way I just feel. So, I started to bash my body left and right and made myself feel like crap. Lets just say it was not a good night for me.. and there is no excuse for fat talk. It happens to everyone once in a while, but what did I accomplish by saying hurtful things to myself? Nothing. The only thing I achieved was a down right horrible mood. I'm determined to block out negative thoughts as soon as they come into my head from now on! I plan to think of something I'm thankful for my body for right when negative thoughts pop into my head! Fat talk = NO MORE!

I know I’m not the only one who is tired of seeing waif thin women modeling, creating unrealistic expectations for society! I respect all of the women mentioned in this article and the above picture for their body confidence and positive self image. I think they all look amazing. But why can I look at this picture and see these women as beautiful and not see it in myself?

Therefore, I challenged myself to come up with 50 things I LOVE about myself:

1. That I am healthy
2. I love the taste of healthy food. Spinach anyone?
3. I am open minded
4. I am empathetic
5. I enjoy the seasons
6. I like my blue eyes, especially the yellow ring around my pupils because my Nana has it too
7. I feel very deeply
8. I am extremely compassionate
9. I am a good listener, and like to think I give good advice
10. I am strong
11. I can laugh at myself
12. I am competitive
13. I LOVE animals
14. I am a supportive person
15. I am incredibly sentimental
16. I am full of love-for life-for others
17. I am really close to my family, they will always come first
18. I'm a pretty good cook
19. I am calm under pressure
20. I am loyal
21. I am organized
22. I never settle for less than what I deserve
23. I love volunteering, and will continue to do so throughout my life
24. I like to workout
25. I care about the Earth, and preserving it the best way we can
26. I am a wonderful furmom to my baby kitties
27. I don't eat animals ( I am a vegetarian, with hopes to become vegan)
28. My annoying laugh, hey .. it's part of who I am
29. I am almost completely over my past
30. I am very forgiving
31. My heritage
32. My scars, they add character ;)
33. I can keep a secret
34. I have a strong intuition
35. I believe in miracles
36. I can express myself well through writing
37. I am dorky
38. I love to dance
39. I love all sorts of creatures, even ones that other people find creepy (bats, snakes, spiders)
40. My hair at times
41. My little freckles
42. I always choose to see the best in people
43. I like sports, watching sports & playing sports
44. My butt
45. I appreciate beauty in people's spirit
46. I love babies, and can't wait to be a mother someday
47. I make an effort to let the people I love know I love them
48. I am really good with remembering names
49. I can recite the 50 states in alphabetical order
50. I believe

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