Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Change of plans..

I want this blog to focus on the biggest issues I come across daily. Self esteem and confidence, weight issues, and guilt associated with food/not working out. My blog will still consist of messy thoughts, bits that have inspired me, and images that make me love the world a little bit more as well.My goal is to trigger something with those who read my blog. I hope that causes them to have the realization that I had just in the beginning of this year. The realization I had is that I am me. There is only one me. I am unique, and therefore I am beautiful. Of course, it isn't that simple. I still struggle, but am continuing to love myself more and more each day.Women and young girls are under such extreme pressure to be something that is just not reachable. It's a never ending path, to what..? Being a size 00 or 0 doesn't automatically make you happy. Even those who are a size 00 or 0 (FYI- zero is not a size to me) aren't necessarily happy. I'm sure if asked would they change anything about themselves if given the chance, the majority would say yes. It's time for that to stop. We are all beautiful, and unique. Why beat ourselves up every single day because we simply do not fit the mold that today's society has created? It's bogus. It is time that girls of all ages start replacing the negative thoughts in their minds with positive ones. Let's stop all of the negativity.

Below is a video made by Angela, from the blog "Oh she glows". I hope you enjoy:

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